Studies suggest that estradiol replacement in women may be protective against coronavirus due to its immune modulating abilit

Let’s talk about treating and preventing COVID-19 naturally! While there are many supplements and vitamins that will boost your immune system, there are also several that may be harmful, specifically in efforts to prevent corona. Corona is different than most viral infections that we may get during flu season. Some common vitamins that are beneficial are vitamin D3, vitamin C, and zinc. Additionally, melatonin, Ashwagandha, garlic, ginger and Ginsing are natural options for strengthening your immune system. Elderberry may actually be harmful since it stimulates the immune system, and it is preferable to use an herb that is immune modulating. Do your research, be aware, and follow general guidelines.

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in anxiety and depression among all ages, especially in those people with a predisposition. There are several natural products that may help for short term treatment, which are available in our office.. Kim Blend, ARNP has been using natural products to treat patients with anxiety and depression for years, in addition to prescription medication when necessary. We can ship these products to your home, or we can invite you into the office for pickup. You may also learn more about Kim’s specialties here on our website. If you are struggling with any symptoms that are directly affecting your mood and lifestyle, please consider visiting with Kim.

At the blend institute, we realize the many benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. There now appears to be some studies suggesting that estradiol replacement in women may be protective against coronavirus due to its immune modulating ability and that testosterone, with its anti-inflammatory effects, may also be beneficial in men for prevention of the virus.

So do not wait for this pandemic to settle down before you institute your hormone replacement therapy! Inquire now and discover the overall benefits and improved cognition, general health, and sexual health…. plus the added benefit of the potential protection against COVID-19. We are here to serve you and your families.

In good health,
Dr. Blend

Dr. Timothy Blend Triple Board Certified Physician in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine.

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