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Penile Girth Enhancement


What is Penile Girth Enhancement?

Penile Girth Enhancement is a procedure to enhance the circumference or girth of your penis, resulting in a "thicker" penis. Anyone interested in improving the size or thickness of their penis is a candidate.

Typically, there is very little pain with this procedure. Topical and oral anesthetics are offered to make the procedure as pain-free as possible.

The only downtime: No sex for 3-5 days.

Like all other aesthetic procedures, the price will vary per patient. Similar to facial filler, it depends on how many syringes are needed for the desired results. On average, this procedure will require 4-8 syringes ($3,000-$6,000). 

Some potential risks associated with Penile Girth Enhancement include infection, local bruising, and/or irregular bumps (genearlly not significant)