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Body Contouring

The Blend Institute

Integrative Medicine Practice located in Bradenton, FL

In a world where individuality is celebrated, we recognize and honor the beauty in every shape and size. At The Blend Institute, we believe that your journey to self-confidence is as unique as you are. Understanding and celebrating these differences, our treatment plans are meticulously crafted, offering a fully customizable experience tailored to your personal aspirations.

Step into a realm of cutting-edge innovation, where we proudly present the latest in body sculpting technology. Our arsenal includes advanced radio frequency and laser treatments, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your aesthetic goals. Guided by our experienced team, we collaborate with you to pinpoint target areas, addressing concerns such as collagen remodeling, skin tightening, and fat deposit reduction.

This is your invitation to embark on a transformative journey with us, where your silhouette becomes a canvas and confidence takes center stage. Discover a more empowered version of yourself through our state-of-the-art body contouring services at The Blend Institute.

Body Contouring at The Blend Institute

Radio Frequency Treatments with TempSure

TempSure Firm 

Sculpt and tone your body with TempSure Firm, a radiofrequency treatment targeting loose or sagging skin. Experience enhanced firmness and cellulite reduction as TempSure Firm remodels collagen for a contoured and refined look.

This procedure delivers radiofrequency energy to stimulate collagen, improving skin elasticity and reducing cellulite. The treatment is versatile, addressing various body areas with precision.

Feel a gentle warming sensation during the session, with no pain or downtime. Experience gradual firming and toning of the treated areas, achieving a more sculpted appearance over time.


Embrace flexibility in body contouring with FlexSure. This customizable radiofrequency treatment adapts to your body's unique curves, delivering precise heating for optimal results.

FlexSure employs a flexible, contoured design to adapt to body curves, providing uniform heat distribution. The treatment promotes collagen synthesis and targets specific areas for enhanced body shaping.

Enjoy a comfortable and adaptable treatment experience. With no downtime, FlexSure allows you to resume your routine immediately. Notice progressive improvements in body contours and skin texture.

Laser Treatments with SculpSure


Achieve a slimmer physique with SculpSure, our cutting-edge laser treatment for body contouring. This non-invasive procedure targets stubborn fat deposits, disrupting fat cells for natural elimination. SculpSure offers a streamlined approach to a sculpted and confident you without surgery or downtime.

SculpSure uses laser energy to heat and destroy fat cells in targeted areas. The body naturally eliminates the damaged fat cells over time, resulting in a more contoured appearance.

Experience a brief, tolerable warming and cooling cycle during the treatment. SculpSure sessions are efficient, typically lasting 25 minutes. With no downtime, you can resume your activities immediately, noticing gradual fat reduction in the treated areas.

Our Approach

At The Blend Institute, our commitment is to guide you through a transformative body contouring experience. Each treatment is tailored to your unique goals, ensuring comfort, safety, and satisfaction. Whether refining specific areas or undergoing a comprehensive transformation, our body contouring services are designed to empower you on your aesthetic journey.

Embark on a path to rediscover your confidence and redefine your silhouette. Schedule a consultation at The Blend Institute and unlock the potential for a more sculpted and confident version of yourself.

Our office is conveniently located just east of I-75 on SR 70 in Bradenton and is proud to serve the Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, and Parrish communities.