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Integrative Psychiatry

The Blend Institute

Integrative Medicine Practice located in Bradenton, FL

Discover a transformative approach to mental health at The Blend Institute in Bradenton, Florida, where Integrative Psychiatry, under the guidance of seasoned experts Kimberly Blend, APRN, and Nicole Theiler, LMHC, redefines conventional methods. If you've found traditional treatments falling short, our integrative psychiatry consultation offers an expansive exploration of personalized solutions.

Integrative psychiatry stands as a beacon of comprehensive mental health care, viewing mental well-being through a holistic lens. Going beyond the commonly used term "chemical imbalance," this approach recognizes mental health conditions as outcomes of dynamic interactions within the body's complex system. It extends its scope beyond pharmaceutical interventions, providing valuable insights into environmental and lifestyle changes that empower individuals to proactively prevent mental health conditions.

Discover Comprehensive Mental Wellness with Integrative Psychiatry at The Blend Institute

Integrative psychiatry serves as a powerful resource for individuals grappling with mental health challenges rooted in neurotransmitter imbalances. Whether it's Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar disorder, PTSD, or ADHD, this approach tailors its strategies to the unique needs of each individual. Moreover, integrative psychiatry extends its reach to physical health issues that intricately intertwine with emotional well-being. Conditions such as fibromyalgia and adrenal fatigue find support within the integrative psychiatry framework, seamlessly integrating with Suboxone® treatment for those navigating opioid dependence.

Navigating the Pharmaceuticals Landscape in Integrative Psychiatry

While conventional psychiatric medications like antidepressants and mood stabilizers play a crucial role in short-term relief, integrative psychiatry at The Blend Institute takes a nuanced approach. Acknowledging that medications alone may not sustain elevated neurotransmitter levels in the long term, our experts conduct thorough evaluations. Collaborating with individuals, they identify dietary, lifestyle, and nutritional changes that can naturally enhance the brain's neurotransmitter supply. This tailored approach may involve the strategic use of amino acid supplements, a process known as nutritional neuromodulation.

Understanding the Core of Emotional Well-Being: Neurotransmitter Balance

Delving into the intricate realm of neurotransmitters, these molecular orchestrators hold the key to brain function and emotional well-being. Operating as chemical messengers, they transmit signals from neuron to neuron, shaping emotions, thoughts, and physical responses. When the delicate balance of neurotransmitters falters, symptoms such as depression or anxiety may emerge.

Explore in-depth insights into Neurotransmitter Balancing at The Blend Institute

Testing Your Neurotransmitters - What to Expect

There is a simple at-home test kit available for purchase at our office called NeuroLab by Sanesco. The test requires saliva and urine collection, which will provide us with a full workup of the following neurotransmitters and adrenal hormones: 

  • Serotonin (Inhibitory)
  • GABA (Inhibitory)
  • Epinephrine (Excitatory)
  • Norepinephrine (Excitatory)
  • Dopamine (Excitatory) 
  • PEA (Excitatory)
  • Cortisol
  • DHEA



Learn more about this test kit:

Our Patient-Centric Approach to Mental Wellness

Redefining mental health involves a multifaceted strategy that encompasses holistic and integrative psychiatry. The Blend Institute ensures a comprehensive approach, providing the body with the necessary building blocks for natural neurotransmitter synthesis. From dietary adjustments to increased exercise and reduced caffeine intake, our patient-centric philosophy emphasizes conservative yet effective approaches. For those currently on medication, a tactful reduction or elimination plan may be implemented, addressing deficiencies in a gradual manner. This approach guarantees a personalized journey to lasting mental wellness.

Embark on a transformative experience with The Blend Institute, where the intricate understanding and balancing of neurotransmitters lead to profound and sustained mental well-being. 

Request an appointment to begin your path to mental health and well-being.