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The Blend Pellet Procedure


The BLEND PELLET PROCEDURE we offer does more than just add testosterone or estrogen to your body. Our procedure treats the whole person, not just your hormonal imbalance. It is usually a complex series of events that has caused you to feel the way you do.

Our pellet procedure at The Blend Institute evaluates the reasons for your symptoms. It determines the various mechanisms for your symptoms and we are ultimately able to replenish your body with the natural supplements and hormones that allow you to feel your absolute best.

Why would you choose The Blend Institute versus another hormone replacement facility? The answer is a combined 25 years of experience in Anti-Aging Medicine with hundreds of patient’s testimonials and board certification not seen in other clinics.

Dr. Blend is triple-board-certified in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging. Ms. Blend is certified as a psychiatric nurse practitioner practicing Integrative Psychiatry, lecturing nationally while also serving as a consultant regarding neurotransmitter evaluation and therapy. All these factors allow us to effectively evaluate and treat you. In addition to successful treatment, our goal is to help you to understand why you feel the way you feel ultimately allowing you to understand how to feel great again.

Dr. Timothy Blend Triple Board Certified Physician in Emergency Medicine, Internal Medicine and Anti-Aging Medicine.

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